Frequently Asked Questions


When do you have your meetings?

Our meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, except for January (when we have no meeting at all).
Meetings start at 7:30 pm and usually finish around 9:30 pm.

Where do you have your meetings?

Our meetings are held in the Lions Club, located at 18 Merino Street, Kings Meadows, Launceston. There is ample free parking available.

Map link:

How many members do you currently have?

We currently have 44 active members on our books and we have several new member enquiries every month (correct August 2018).

What is the average age group of your members?

We have members who are in their 30’s and we have members in their 80’s (and all points in between).
We are a motivated and extremely friendly bunch who are all really ‘young at heart’.

Do you cater for all levels of photography?

Yes, we have a wide and varied range of photographers within our ranks ranging from absolute beginners to semi-professionals. We welcome everyone and try our best to offer something that will appeal to all levels.

What is the common format of your meetings?

Our pre-meetings start at 6:45 pm with our more experienced members offering tuition, guidance and advice to any of our other members who may need help with their photography.

Our main meeting then kicks-off at 7:30 pm with our president welcoming new members and making any club announcements. This is followed by our live presentation and then we break for tea/coffee and biscuits. After tea we hear the results of our monthly ‘Facebook Challenge’ which is followed by the results and judging comments for our two monthly club competitions.

This is then followed by a short tuition session or video with the meeting finishing between 9:30 and 10:00 pm.

Do you have a club newsletter?

We do, it’s entitled ‘What’s On’, and is produced and published monthly by our wonderful; vice president, Rod Oliver. This is a great publication, that keeps members well-informed about the comings and goings around the club. Back issues can be found by clicking here.

Do you offer photographic tuition and advice?

We do, this subject is also mentioned in the previous question “What is the common format of your meetings”?
We have pre-meeting mentoring; where our ‘more accomplished’ members can offer advice and guidance to any members who may need help with a particular aspect of their photography.
We have videos and tuition sessions at some of our monthly meetings.
Members can also ask questions and seek advice through our club Facebook page.

Do you have presenters at your club meetings?

We try to get a good presenter for every club meeting, although this is not always possible. In 2018 we had some great presenters including Phil Hallam, Craig Domouras (Waterfalls of Tasmania), Jason Futrill (TassieGrammer), Jasper Da Seymour, Phil Kuruvita, Cam Blake, Nick Monk and Pete McCarron. 2019 is shaping-up to be just as good with Nat Mendham, Robert Groom, Andrew Wilson, Deb Sulzberger and Hilary Younger already booked. See our ‘Events’ page for more details on these great presenters.

Do you have club excursions?

We usually have a couple of excursions every year, taking our members to some of Tasmania’s most iconic photographic locations. In 2017 we visited Lake Pedder and Strathgordon in the beautiful Southwest heritage area. In May last year (2018), we visited Stanley, the Tarkine Drive, Rocky Cape, Cape Grim, Woolnorth and Arthur River and in October we visited Corinna and the beautiful Pieman River.
In March this year (2019), we will be spending a long weekend on Maria Island on Tasmania’s spectacular east coast.

Does the camera club have a Facebook page?

Yes, in fact we have two;
We have a closed-group for our members only:
We also have a public group for everyone to enjoy:

Does the camera club have regular photographic competitions?

We certainly do; every month (except for Jan, Jul and Dec), we have an ‘Open Colour’ & ‘Open Monochrome’ photographic intra-club competition, this is where our members can enter up to two images in each section.

This competition is usually judged by our presenter of the month and the points scored go towards winning our ‘Highest Aggregate’ Trophies, which are awarded every year at our Mid-Year prize-giving event in July.

We also have our Mid-Year competitions which include the ‘John Shepherd’ Trophy for Large Prints of a Landscape theme and our Colour and Monochrome Digital Images of the Year.

Our End of Year Competitions in December include the ‘Robert Mackrill’ Trophy for Large Prints, the ‘Dorothy Mackrill’ Trophy for Small Prints and the ‘Presidents’ Trophy for Projected Digital Images.

There is also the annual ‘Ikin’ Trophy, for images of a Tasmanian heritage listed building and the ‘Centenary’ Trophy, for images of other club members on excursions or events. The Centenary Trophy is usually conducted on our Facebook platform.

Does the camera club compete in any national and international competitions?

Yes we do, our camera club is a regular competitor in the PSA PID inter-club tournament. This event is organised by the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and involves four separate rounds during a calendar year.
We enter six of our best images in each round, which are then judged and scored by another camera club from a different division. Camera clubs from all over the world take part in this event, which operates on a league table structure over five separate divisions. The Northern Tasmanian Camera Club have secured promotion for the past two years running and are currently competing in Division C.
Last year we also entered the inaugural APS Australia Cup, a competition between camera clubs throughout Australia. Forty six camera clubs took part in this event, each one offering-up twenty images.
We finished in a very satisfying 10th place and received an ‘Honourable Mention’.
We also compete against other Tasmanian camera clubs at the various TPF events.

Are you part of the Tasmanian Photographic Federation?

We certainly are, in fact our camera club hosted the last TPF conference, which was held at the Bass & Flinders centre in George Town in mid-November 2018. Our club president is also the current Secretary/Treasurer of the TPF.